24-inch mackbook

24-inch mackbook

24-iMac M1 Buyer’s Guide – DON’T Make These 8 Mistakes!

24-iMac M1: So let’s say you want to buy the new 24-inch iMac
because of its incredibly powerful and reliable m1 chip
or maybe because of its detailed and color-accurate 4.5k
display or maybe even because of the radical new design
with the white bezels and that classic chin but you just have
one major problem you have no idea which model maybe
which color or which upgrade options you should buy well
that’s what I’ll help you figure out in this article because
if you’re not careful you could easily make one of these
eight purchasing mistakes.

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Mistake Number First

let’s get into the first mistake that you absolutely must
avoid you need to know that the base model has a few
limitations like having a 7 core GPU instead of the full 8
not getting an ethernet port built into the power supply
not getting in touch id on the new magic the keyboard is
limited to just four colors and the biggest one which is only
getting two ports on the back instead of four now if you
want any of those things you have two different options
number one is to choose the base model and add things
like the upgraded power supply with ethernet or upgrade
to the magic keyboard or touch id.

but keep in mind that you won’t be able to get the two
extra ports if you use this method and then option two
is that you can simply go for the 1499 model which comes
with all of that included but the issue here is that you might not
care about the ethernet port at all since these iMacs
come with wi-fi six which is very reliable or maybe you
don’t care about touch id so it sucks to be paying the
extra two hundred dollars if you don’t want all of
those features and leads to mistake

Mistake Number Second

Number two thinking that the extra two ports on 1500
model is full speed thunderbolt ports because they’re not
they’re simply USB type-c ports with limited bandwidth being
eight times as slow but thankfully there’s an awesome solution
to this problem which is perfect for the desktop iMac owc’s

The new thunderbolt hub can take just one thunderbolt port on the iMac and
turn it into one regular USB 3.2 port and three yes we said three
full speed thunderbolt ports.
so if you go for the base model iMac for thirteen hundred dollars
and buy this a hundred and fifty dollar hub you’re gonna end
up with a total of four available thunderbolt ports and an extra
USB type-a port which you Can’t get on the higher-end iMac
models no matter what price you pay the only
the downside is that you don’t get those other upgrades like the
ethernet power supply the touch id magic keyboard or the extra
GPU core but since the hub is only 150 dollars you can spend
that leftover 50 on any of those upgrades and you’ll have four
full speed thunderbolt ports or you can put that 50 towards.

The even better news thunderbolt dock which packs a ton
of different ports like three thunderbolt ports gigabit ethernet
four USB type ports an sd card slot and an audio jack which
we would say is worth it for those who care about those ports
so if you’re interested in either of those you can use the links
in the description below to check them out

Mistake Number Three

Now getting into 24-iMac M1 mistake number three if you’re planning on
reselling the iMac later so you can pick up the larger iMac
in the future be very cautious about the color of the
iMac that you’re buying for example everyone out there
is fine with silver since it’s a classic and neutral color but if
you’re gonna be buying a yellow iMac you’re instantly scratching
out a portion of the potential buyers who think that color would
look ridiculous in a home or an office or if you’re going to be buying
the pink one you’re probably going to have a much tougher time
selling it so if you’re planning on reselling it be mindful about
the color you buy so you might want to go with something like blue
or silver but then again if you’re keeping it long-term then buy
whatever your heart desires

Mistake Number Four

but bringing us into 24-iMac M1 mistake number four if you know for sure
that you’re gonna be buying the larger iMac when it comes out
anyway then it might just make sense to completely hold off on
this 24-inch iMac and wait a few months for the new one and
if you need an m1 mac right now to get you through those few
months then we truly would recommend getting the m1 MacBook
air since it’s currently on sale for only 900 brand new on amazon
and that model is gonna be much easier to resell than the 24-inch
iMac since it’s portable and more popular

Mistake Number Five

getting into 24-iMac M1 mistake number five don’t think that you absolutely
must go for 16 gigabytes of ram because everybody’s saying that
eight gigabytes is not enough that’s simply not true because
we’ve run extensive testing on our eight gigabytes m1 MacBook
air and it performed impressively well compared to the 16 gigabytes
m1 MacBook pro not being a huge bottleneck and although eight gigabytes of ram

is not 16 apple’s unified memory is incredibly
efficient so you can get much more out of eight gigabytes of m1
memory compared to eight gigabytes of ram on an intel mac like
we showed off in one of the tests we even proved that apple’s
unified memory is better by completely maxing out the ram on
both an m1 MacBook pro and windows based laptop and then
showing how the m1 barely slowed down in terms of
performance compared to the other laptop with a traditional
ram so we’d say that for most people eight gigabytes is going
to be fine and if you’re worried about the whole SSD swapping
issues that people claim the m1 max have we did a full dedicated
video on that and found that the issues were very rare and likely
due to software bugs with rosetta 2 which may have already been
dealt with so don’t worry about getting only 8 gigabytes of ram

Mistake Number Six

Now on the flip side, we have mistake number six in 24-iMac M1 which is
thinking that you can upgrade the ram yourself after you buy
you can do it on the 27-inch intel Imax but that is not
the case with apple silicon max so you must buy the amount
of ram that you think you’ll need right away, this is going to be
the case mainly for people who are using or planning to use
high-end productivity apps like Xcode logic and especially
photo editing since those tasks can eat up a lot of rams.

if you’re thinking of potentially running virtual machines
in the future like running windows 10 using parallels as we
showed off with our m1 MacBook pro then getting 16 gigabytes
of ram is a really good idea since you have to dedicate your ram
to that virtual machine but once again if you’re somebody who
doesn’t do any of this high-end productivity work eight gigabytes
should be just fine and you’ll be able to spend that extra 200 on something else say extra SSD storage.

Mistake Number Seven

that brings us to mistake number seven you need to be wise about the
amount of storage that you buy because like ram you cannot upgrade it
yourself so some people are going to be buying the base model with only

250 gigabytes of storage and then suffering a few years down the
road when they’re completely out of storage and they can’t figure out what to keep or what to delete but then on the flip side somebody’s gonna go out and buy the two terabyte SSD storage model for an
extra 800 and then a couple of years later when they’re ready to resell it and buy something else they will realize that you won’t get anywhere near that extra 800 for the SSD when they didn’t even get close to using even one terabyte so the point that we are trying to make is wise about your storage and the best way to do that is to look at how much storage you’re using on your current computer and then order based off on that and

Mistake Number Eight

Finally for mistake number eight in 24-iMac M1 consider buying an
external storage drive because you can save a ton of money
and with the iMac, you have a desktop setup and not a MacBook
so internal storage isn’t as big of a deal for example this Sabrent
rocket extreme SSD that we recommend with 2 terabytes of
storage is only 360 on amazon compared to paying
an apple a massive 800 for their two terabytes and since this
is a thunderbolt drive you’re gonna get incredibly fast transfer
speeds similar to what you get with the iMac’s internal storage
and on top of that if you end up reselling your iMac sooner
than you initially thought you get to keep the SSD drive and
reuse it for your next computer so it’s a great solution and
now with all those mistakes out of the way let’s finally get
into the buyer’s guide

24-iMac M1 Buyer’s Guide

if you’re buying the24-iMac M1 as
a reliable computer for casual or family use mostly relying on
on web-based apps or for the internet or business schooling
stuff like that then we would honestly just go with the base
1300 model, you don’t need 16 gigabytes of ram, and you
don’t need to upgrade to the core GPU model and then
if you want the touch id magic keyboard you can upgrade
to that separately and potentially even upgrade to
a 512-gigabyte SSD.

If you have a big family who will all be using it now if you
want a reliable computer but you’re also going to be using
it for some light productivity work like some basic video or
photo editing then we would argue that sticking with
eight gigabytes of ram should be just fine but you’ll
want at least 512 gigabytes of SSD and we don’t think
that the 7 core GPU on the base model is a big deal at
all but if you’re taking your work very seriously with professional programming

Music production video editing photo editing
or anything else that you rely on to make money then we
would upgrade to 16 gigabytes of ram and either get the
mid-level spec with the extra USB type-c ports or buy one
of those dba thunderbolt hubs for the extra ports and at that
the point you should at least be buying a 512 gigabyte SSD
model unless you can rely on fast external storage like the
Sabrent SSD drives and finally

If you’re somebody who’s thinking of running parallel 16 to
play games under Windows 10 on 24-iMac M1 we would recommend a large
SSD for downloading games and 16 gigabytes of ram since
the m1 GPU depends on it and at that point, if you take
gaming seriously I would honestly just wait for the larger
m1x iMac which should be coming later this year
with a whole lot more performance for gaming so hopefully,
this article helped you make a decision