Apple's AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max: The Complete Review

So today, we’re not only going to open the brand new
Apple AirPods Max and take a listen, we’ll give you guys our
impressions on the sound quality, the active noise cancellation,
and all the other features of these headphones.
But we are going to be running a few tests that nobody
has done yet. We’re going to be testing out, can you use
the little lightning to three and a half mil adapter with
the regular cable, and can you use the USB C charging cable
to run them off of on your MacBook Pro or another device.

The first impression of Apple AirPods Max

So, let’s get into it firstly, let’s talk about The ear cups are incredibly soft, if we press on them lightly with our thumb, And they go in, and they’re also like memory foam. That is interesting. And these ear cups are magnetic. So that’s pretty easy to take off doesn’t require too much effort. If you pull straight up, it won’t come off you have to twist lightly, then it comes off easily, And then it just pops right into place. This is like the year of magnets. And I have to say that it is genius for these ear cups, just be able to easily remove them like this. Inside, we have sensors, one in each ear cup.

So the headphones know when you put them on, and there’s a little cut up top, We are not sure exactly what that is could be the microphone which constantly listens to what you’re hearing and adjust it, so there’s no distortion, and they sound their best. There are nine microphones overall, so we’re going to test out the active noise cancellation.

Before that, we see the large 40-millimeter drivers inside here as well protected by this grill. Moving on to the band, it feels nice to kind of rubberized finish. Surprisingly they’re not picking up fingerprints as much as we expected. we don’t see anything from my fingers now this little interesting unique top band, little cloth material is also ultra-soft. It’s almost like it’s rubbery kind of springing adjust to our fingers whenever we touch it, their pod’s max also has a pivoting point at the top, but it takes a surprising amount of pressure to push them back. So we are guessing that that’s going to create a tight solid fit around your ears.

Adjustable Band

Now this adjustable band. That takes a lot more pressure than we expected. We have to push pretty hard to get these to move, which means you’re not going to accidentally pulleys and mess up your adjustment.


We have Apple’s digital crown and a single button to toggle between the active noise cancellation and the transparency mode. We have to say that we’ve seen with a lot of higher-end headphones.
Apple AirPods Max is by far the best built with a solid aluminum that’s we have seen, and the materials feel fantastic apple went all out on the materials.

We have two worries

First, if you don’t use the little bra case, I feel like you could get scratches, especially on these darker colors where you might notice it more. And the second is with the extra weight compared to other headphones. Are they going to be less comfortable after you’re using them for, 2-4 hours?

Active Noise Cancellation

So after we put them in active noise cancellation we were not able to hear any of the noise at all in the background. And as far as we remember with the previous headphones that we tested, we would always still hear a little bit. Also surprisingly, We didn’t feel the weight, as much as that we expected they feel a little bit lighter. But of course, we just put them on for less than an hour. We haven’t used these for a couple of hours yet, they did go into active noise cancellation automatically.

In the active noise cancellation, it’s interesting that the high
notes there they’re not ultra-sharp, it’s crisp. If you guys
know the recent Mac books, apple made them a little
bit quieter, and they cut down in the high notes a little bit
to make it more balanced and not as harsh. The vocal
sounds great, the bass is rich and deep but not overpowering,
and it just sounds very well balanced.

Now one of our biggest questions was sound leakage.
If you’re on an airplane, you have people next to you.
Can you turn up the volume without annoying them?
So we went ahead and tested it out, and it’s pretty
good at that there was not much sound leakage.

Transparency with Music

With the active noise cancellation, we can’t hear anything,
can’t hear our voice. But when we go to the ambiance,
it’s this crazy mix of our voice sounding exactly how that
voice sounds real, And the music is really loud like they’re fusing it. But it sounds natural, which I haven’t experienced with any other headphones.

So thankfully, like what some headphones do when you go to active noise cancellation, you get worse bass, the sound quality gets worse. Some it gets better because you don’t have extra sounds like with the air pod pros. These sound the same regardless.

sound quality of AirPods Max

Spent a good amount of time listening to a variety
of different song genres, we have listened to some
rock some classical, some hip hop, we have some
instrumentals we listened to the Interstellar soundtrack
so the first thing that impresses us is the soundstage

And if you haven’t experienced that, we guess a lot of
headphones are the sounds is just in one spot just going
into your ears.

Apple AirPods Max sounds very wide you have the almost like you’re
in the room with speakers all around you and you can
place like the voice in the center little instrumentals
going in different parts so that sounded fantastic.

Now the next thing that surprised us is how indifferent songs,
the highs act differently the vocal sounds smooth, not harsh at all. But other songs we don’t say that sounds harsh, but they’re
a lot crisper, and it just sounds like it. However, the artist
wanted you to hear those songs that’s how you hear them
with certain headphones, all the highest and very crisp.
In other ones, there’s not enough, so that was very interesting
Bass was also very prominent, never overpowering.

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The separation between different instruments Apple AirPods Max

The separation between different instruments is the best compared to air pod pros and other headphones. But the separation between the electric guitar, the drums, the vocals, we haven’t heard it be that good ever. It sounded fantastic so overall, we are very impressed

We want to hear 20 more songs we want to compare
the bunch of headphones, just to see how they are
but we are very impressed every little note is perfect.
You will hear those little tiny notes that you don’t hear,
and the deep bass to some bass notes don’t even play
on cheaper speakers, you hear nothing.

It’s got everything you got the bass, the mids, the highs
it’s all separated. So well we don’t know how it’s possible
that there’s one driver that is changing the location of
the sound in different notes, and there’s like this shaking
almost like a rattlesnake effect in there.
And it just happens like almost inside your ear closer to and it’s mind-blowing how it plays so great Everything’s so clean.

If you want to answer the question at the start that we had, is the sound worth $550?

We know the home pods expensive, but because it is just
so good at playing those notes that you usually don’t hear
the bass and then we don’t regret it at all. We think the
same thing about Apple AirPods Max they are expensive

But the people that bought and everybody that we’ve
talked to, and none of them regretted it the same thing
with the magic keyboard for the iPad Pro.

If you can forget that you spent 300 bucks on it people love it
We love it. And We think this is next with Apple’s lineup.
If you can get over the price tag or forget about it,
block it out, you’re going to enjoy it, especially if you’re
a part of Apple’s ecosystem.

Now let’s go ahead and test out how AirPods Max work with the cable

Before that, we did a test that can we run with the included
cable, which is USB C, and then can we used a little adapter
of 3.5 headphone jack.

So we plugged the cable that you use to charge it in Apple AirPods Max, and we wish that they went with USB-C, not lightning, but hey, that’s Apple.
We plugged it into the Mac and the other side into the Apple AirPods Max they started charging, but nothing came upon the Mac itself.
We went into our settings and check out the sound settings there, and they were not showing up in the output or the input. So, unfortunately, they will not work with this cable. It is just for charging.

Will they work with the apple 3.5 headphone adapter?

We connect them in mac And connect on the headphone.
They did show up, we had external headphones option on the Apple MacBook.
So we thought this might be a nice little hack.
But, unfortunately, we didn’t get anything. So Apple is making
us buy this $35 cable to make them wired headphones, with no workarounds at all.

Apple AirPods Max worth $550 as far as the sound quality?

Well, you know what? We knew they were going to sound good. We knew they were not going to sound bad for this price. That would be unacceptable. What we didn’t know is how wide the soundstage should be and how good the separation would be with single drivers. That’s what we were not expecting. Now, our verdict or our conclusion is, if you’re an Apple, iPhone user, and you care about sound quality, and you want to over-ear pair of headphones, yes, absolutely buy Apple AirPods Max it is not only because the sound quality is fantastic, you get all those extra features with it that you won’t get with other headphones. Now with that said, if you’re somebody that is an Android user, or you’re just using them with your computer then maybe go for Sony’s cheaper alternative.