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Apple M1 iPad Pro 2021 -Apple KILLED the Tablet Market!

Apple just revealed Apple M1 iPad Pro 2021 at their
spring-loaded event. And I’ve got to say what they
did with it is mind-blowing surprising me on multiple fronts.
And throughout the entire presentation, we can only think of
one thing Apple seriously just killed the rest of the tablet market.
That’s it rest in peace. I honestly have no idea how Samsung,
Microsoft or any of the other tablet makers are going to recover
from this

We want to go through a brief history of the iPad Pro
because it wasn’t always this good. Let us explain
the 2018 iPad Pro blew a lot of people’s minds when
it was released. But it had some major issues mainly
limited software support for file management and
the new USB C port, making the experience a bit disappointing.
On top of that, the mouse support was terrible. Even after
they released the first version of iPad OS and the display
support was bad as well. At the time Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S5
he had mouse and cursor support that made it very convenient
to use especially with the Samsung dex feature which made file management work

Apple M1 iPad Pro 2021

great and then the tab as six came out given the iPad Pro even more competition since Samsung added
a trackpad onto the keyboard case, making it super convenient
to use until finally in 2020.

Apple released the brand new magic keyboard case
with a trackpad alongside Apple M1 iPad Pro 2021, making it
the best iPad experience we’ve ever seen, especially
since they improved multitasking, file management, and more.
It was so impressive that we started recommending
the iPad Pro magic keyboard case combo over Apple’s
Intel-based Mac books which at the time were experiencing
huge butterfly keyboard issues. While the iPad Pro had
a touchscreen, even better performance, and a completely
fanless design. And even when Samsung released the Tab S7,
the iPad Pro continued to destroy it in many different ways.

Being the obvious choice for a premium tablet. However,
the iPad Pro still had issues like being limited to six gigabytes
of RAM on the base model. The display was using the same
led tech from 2017 and external display support still sucked.
But even with those issues, the iPad Pro was still by far
the best tablet to buy. But now Apple has just put the
final nail in the coffin, the new 2021 iPad Pro is so good
that you’d be crazy to buy any other premium tablet in that price range.

The thing that blew our mind is when Tim Cook put the M1 chip
into the Apple M1 iPad Pro 2021. We honestly thought that it was going to be
the 14x but they put a Mac chip with all of its extra Mac-related components into a super thin and light tablet.

Now if you’re expecting the performance to match the
other Mac’s don’ts because they’re going to be lowering
the wattage of the M one chip so the iPad Pro can stay
cool and get the same 10 hours of battery life as before.
But thankfully, we can calculate the performance by using
Apple’s own performance improvement numbers, which are
usually a bit conservative by applying a 50% jump to
the previous iPad pros a 12 z chip CPU score, we can
expect around 7042 multi-core points and Geekbench five,
which isn’t that far off from the actual Mr. Max, but forget about comparing it to a Mac.

what happens when we compare the iPad Pro to the performance
of other tablets. The future Galaxy Tab S eight which might be
coming within the next few months is rumored to becoming
with the latest Snapdragon 888 chip, which only scored
around 3400 points in Samsung’s s 21 Ultra. So based on
that the new iPad Pro will quite literally have more than
double the performance of the future Tab S eight which is
mind-blowing. Now moving over to the graphic side.

The iPad Pro gets the full eight-core GPU and the M1 chip
and Apple says that we should be seeing a 40% improvement
in graphics. So if we take the 12,000 metal score points that
we got with the A12 z and add 40% we should be expecting
close to 17,000 points and the Geekbench five metal tests
based on that the bass and one MacBook Air is only around
10% faster than the iPad Pro, which isn’t that big of
a performance hit considering health Then the iPad Pro
is and since the MacBook Air scored around 69.85 fps
and the GFX bench 1440 p Aztec ruins offscreen test,
we can expect the iPad Pro to score around 63.5 FPS
in that specific benchmark.

And then if we take that number and compare it to what the Snapdragon 888 scored
within the S 21 Ultra, we can expect the iPad Pro to be around
2.3 times faster than the future tab essay.

So just like that the iPad Pro just buried Samsung’s
Tab S eight, which isn’t even expected to get released
until this August, which is when the previous two tabs came out.
And don’t even ask me about Microsoft’s new Surface,
Pro X, with the Sq two-chip which is even weaker than
the Snapdragon 888. And the one complaint that
many iPad Pro users had in the past is finally fixed.

We now get a gigabyte of RAM on the base iPad Pro and
up to 16 if you get a higher storage model, so the iPad Pro
is now a literal powerhouse. But wait there’s more.
We’re only just getting started with the tablet slaughter fast.

The iPad Pro is now the only tablet out there that comes
with actual Thunderbolt ports, which is extremely impressive
and opens it up to a world of possibilities. First off, you can
now connect full-speed Thunderbolt drives, like this saber
one which we recently reviewed. You can now connect
high bandwidth Thunderbolt to hubs and docks like this
crazy o WC hub, which gives you a USB 3.2 ports and an
extra two full-speed Thunderbolt ports as we’ve already
tested and shown off with our m one Mac Mini and of course
the iPad Pro now finally gets full external display support.
Even with the 6k Pro display XDR which is mind-blowing.

Let’s see if any other tablet can make that claim. No, they can’t.
Of course, we have the other new great features like the
optional 5g support, which is twice as fast as what you get
with the iPhone 12 better camera features like smart HDR
three and night mode, as well as the new ultra-wide FaceTime
camera with the center stage feature, which I think is great,
because previously, the webcam was way too zoomed in on
the iPad Pro but by far the most important feature is the brand
new mini LED display that comes on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.
When Apple announced this it blew my mind even though
we were already expecting the mini LED display.

We did not expect a massive 1600 nits of peak brightness
for supporting HDR content like HDR 10 Hug and even
Dolby Vision with an amazing a million to one contrast ratio.
The reason this blows my mind is that those specs match
up perfectly to Apple’s pro display XDR which by the way
costs $5,000 without the stand. So for just $100 more than
last year’s 12.9 inches iPad Pro, you’re getting an M one chip
and a display that matches the performance of a five to
$6,000 Pro display XDR This means that actual professionals
are going to be buying the 12.9 inch iPad Pro for color grading,
photo editing, or whatever else they want to do, even if
it’s just to use the display and based on a leak from John Prosser.

We are almost 100% sure that at this year’s WWDC Apple
is going to be adding Final Cut logic and Xcode or maybe
even more apps to the iPad Pro, which is going to be able
to use all of that power. And now comparing the iPad pros’
new mini LED display to the rest of the tablet market.
Nothing else can compete. Yes, the larger 12.4 inch
Tab S seven-plus has a nice super analog display with
a high contrast ratio and nice colors. But there are
a lot of downsides to OLED First off, it doesn’t get
nearly as bright only up to 430 nits so it doesn’t
even give you true HDR support. Unlike 1600 for
the iPad Pro and second, you’re going to be dealing
with issues like screen flickering and potential display
burn-in issues as well.

But with the iPad pros’ new mini
LED display none of those issues exist at all because it’s
still using an LCD panel but the backlighting is redesigned
with over 10,000 Mini LEDs and over 2500 local dimming
zones to help achieve that contrast ratio. So in terms
of the display, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro kills any other tablet
out there. And I think It’s gonna take them years to catch up.
And even if you choose to buy the 11 inch iPad Pro, without
the mini LED display, you’re still getting a killer value for
$800 compared to any other tablet, because of the
performance of the M1 chip, the new Thunderbolt
ports, and everything else.

The only downside is that it’s not going to be coming out until sometime next month.
But if you want to see us compared to other tablets, and even M1 Max


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