Apple MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger -Everything You Need To Know

Apple officially enter the wireless
charging world releasing the brand new
Apple MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger for your iPhone and
your apple watch, AirPods. Now this one’s
going to be portable, and you can call this
apple’s first real wireless charging mat cause remember
air power never really made it into the stores.

So let’s move onward and take a look and we’re going over some of the
latest features and everything you need to know about this brand new Apple MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger.

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Apple MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger

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The first thing you should know is that this will work
with iPhone 8 and above, so iPhone 8, iPhone 10 or 11, and
of-course iPhone 12.

With MagSafe, you get the cable and
one thing you know what’s missing is
the charging brick which is a bit
unfortunate because it is a charger.
So we think apple should have gone ahead
and attach the real brick with the box.
we know that the whole idea behind it is
that if you have an iPhone charger then
that one will work as well with MagSafe but
some people don’t have that wall
break and if you don’t have this is
USB C to lightning you’re going to have
to purchase an extra charging brick
Apple sells it for about 20 dollars online.

We’ll go over some of the details as
into what type of brick you should use
for this one because different
bricks will charge at different speeds.

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On MagSafe, We have the apple logo on the center
it’s very sleek, very portable of course
you can pop this up to charge your
apple watch. You can place your
apple watch on top of it and
your iPhone on the other side and
charge both things at a time.

Now the MagSafe cost around 129 dollars
plus tax. which to us is slightly pricey
but you’re spending for portability and of course,
you can also charge the air pods as well next to it.
This is the best option while traveling right so
one thing you do need to know is that
it can be used with two separate wall
adapters you either have the 20 watt
or anything after 27 watts.

The difference between the two is that
The 20-watt charger will fast charge
up to 11 watts with the 27 watts will
throw you up to 14 watts of fast wireless
charging. So if you use the bigger wall adapter
then of course you’ll get that faster wireless charging
or either you have to buy separate unless you already
have one that came with your previous iPhones or
that you already purchased before and that’s pretty much
everything you need to know about apple’s MagSafe dual wireless charger.

We are sure Apple will also release more in the future but this
one is the portable one that you can take with you anywhere
and it will charge your iPhones flawlessly.