FIRECRACKERS & AIR POLLUTION: Lighting up crackers during the Diwali festival has been practiced as a tradition for ages.

The excitement of Firecrackers may endure for several seconds but it omits a toxic excess of pollutants in the atmosphere which is damaging to kids and grown-ups.

Firecrackers release pollutants such as sulfur
dioxide, lead magnesium, and nitrate that cause
various respiratory ailments and can cause severe
health problems.

As Diwali falls in winter gases released from
firecrackers get trapped in mist, thereby increasing
the effect of pollution.

The condition of air worsens due to large intensity
of PM2.5 atmospheric particulate matters with diameters
less than 2.5 micrometers that can penetrate the respiratory
passage and causes irritation or shortness of breath.
According to India’s center of science and environment air
pollution induced by fireworks on Diwali in India
was linked to a 30 to 40 percent increase in breathing
discomfort in humans.

According to experts, FIRECRACKERS & AIR POLLUTION

the sound from firecrackers with

decibel levels in excess of 90 can cause a nervous breakdown.

We all love Diwali for it is undoubtedly

the biggest festival celebrated in India

every Indian celebrates the festival of

lights irrespective of religion, caste. 

Delhi’s air quality turns ‘severe’, firecrackers add to misery

Every Diwali we keep debating whether we must burst firecrackers or not?

So how much does the environment get

affected or polluted for that matter

when we burst these firecrackers let’s

have a peek at the various traditional and

regularly used firecrackers full journey.

Sparklers (Fuljhadi):

Sparklers (Fuljhadi)

Perhaps a first firecracker everyone bursts in their

lives for it is considered the easiest

and the safest but is it the least

polluting a single full jury is expected

to worsen the air quality by 100 times

affecting the oxygen levels for 488 times 

and increasing the dust particles in the air

by 260 which is equivalent to 74 cigarettes

all this happens within two minutes

which is the average time of a

single Fuljhadi.

Chakri or spinning cracker:

Chakri or spinning cracker

We all love the sight of the spinning chakri.

It is a delight to watch the chakra spin 

creating the artistic design of fire. Having

said so it also creates some serious damage to

the air a single chakra worsens the air

quality by 91 times affecting the oxygen

levels were 474 times and increase the dust

particles in the air by 237 times

it emits smoke equivalent to 68 burning

cigarettes and the average burning time

of four chucklings is three to five


Pull-pull or string sparkler:

Pull-pull is basically a fancy looping version of the

fuljhadi a single Pull-pull worsens the

air quality by 278 times affecting the oxygen levels

by2116 and increases that thus particles

in the air was seven hundred and twenty

four times the smoke emission is

equivalent to two hundred and eight

burning cigarettes an average burning

time of willful is three minutes.

Snake tablet:

 However fun it is to watch

a snake emerges out of the snake tablet

it is a harmful firecracker there is a

single snake tablet worsens the air

quality by 300 times of effects the oxygen

levels by 966 times and the dust ratio are also

very alarming the smoke emitted from a

a single tablet is equal to four hundred

and sixty-four cigarettes all these four

emitting within three minutes of burn


Anar or flower pot: 

Anar or flower pot

Single enough worsens the

air quality was 47 times affecting the

oxygen levels were 345 times and

increases the dust in the air 122 times.

Anar is equivalent to 34 cigarettes

an average on our burns for around 5


Ladies or spring of thousand:

Many of us have seen ladies being burst

and most of us have even indulged in

burning one. 

A single Lurie of thousand

worsens the air quality by three hundred

and seventy-four times affecting the

oxygen levels by 1890 three times and

increases dust by nine hundred and sixty

four times when it comes to smoke it is

equivalent to two hundred and seventy

seven cigarettes on an average a ladi of

thousand burns for around five to six



So if we consider we burst one

quantity of each of these crackers we

would be worsening the air quality by

one thousand one hundred and ninety

times affecting the oxygen levels by

6282 times and increasing the dust

particles in the air by three thousand

seven hundred and forty-five times.

We will also be contributing to the smoke

equivalent to one thousand one hundred

and twenty-five burning cigarettes and

we would do all this in around 20 to 25

minutes but you know how much of a

health hazard you are exposing your


Having said so we belong to

a generation which cannot imagine the

Diwali without firecrackers so the

the debate will definitely take a lot of

time to settle and we can only hope it

settles at the right side with the right

spirit so now you know this little piece

of information do not forget to share

this article with your friends and family

making them aware firecrackers & air pollution.

This article does not glorify or degrade

the use of firecrackers I believe

everyone is mature enough to choose

whether they wish to burst or not the firecrackers.