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Govt to ban WhatsApp over new WhatsApp privacy policy?

Traders’ body CAIT on Sunday wrote to Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad petitioning that
the public authority restrict WhatsApp from performing
its new privacy policy or force a ban on the application
and its parent organization Facebook

CAIT said Facebook has above 200 million clients in India
and letting it to get data about each client can
show a real threat to the economy as well as even
to the security of the nation.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) stated
that through the new privacy policy, “a wide range
of personal data, payment exchanges, contacts,
area and other essential data of an individual who
is using WhatsApp will be procured by it and can be
utilized for any reason by WhatsApp”.

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In the correspondence to Prasad, CAIT has requested that
the “administration to quickly confine WhatsApp
from executing the new policy or put a ban on WhatsApp and
its parent organization Facebook”, the traders’ body ex

Data Privacy: Concern over WhatsApp’s new policy

CAIT said Facebook has in excess of 200 million clients in
India and empowering it to get to the information of each
client can present a genuine danger to the economy
as well as even to the security of the nation.

In any case, in an email reaction to PTI, a WhatsApp spokesperson said, “To further development straightforwardness,
we refreshed the security policy to depict that going ahead businesses can choose to get secure hosting services from our
parent organization Facebook to help deal with their transactions with their clients on WhatsApp.

“In spite of the fact that obviously, it stays up to the client
whether they need to message with a business on WhatsApp.”

The representative further said that the update doesn’t
change WhatsApp privacy policy or data-sharing policy to Facebook
and doesn’t affect how individuals communicate privately
with companions or family any place they are on the planet.

“WhatsApp remains profoundly dedicated to securing
individuals’ privacy. We are discussing straightforwardly
with clients through WhatsApp about these changes
so they have the opportunity to review the new policy
throughout the following month,” the representative added.

An email sent to Facebook looking for input on the issue
didn’t evoke a reaction.

CAIT Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal stated, “The changed WhatsApp privacy policy is an infringement on the security
of an individual and runs against the essential things of
Constitution of India and accordingly the CAIT has
requested quick intercession of the public authority.”