iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro – Which Should You Buy?

iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12: iPhones are officially out. And if you’re interested in a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 or an iPhone 12 Pro, well, you have a decision to make.

Should you spend the extra couple hundred dollars and get the 12 Pro?

Or is the iPhone 12 good enough?

I’ll hopefully help you out and answer those questions.
For starters, we need to just jump right into what’s different
about each phone.
So first, the iPhone 12 does come in a few different color options, which include this blue color that you see here, a product red,
green, white, and black, while the iPhone 12 Pro only comes in graphite, silver, and gold, and this new Pacific blue color
that you see here.

So that’s going to be the first big difference between each phone that is pretty easy to spot.
If you hold both phones in each hand, you’ll immediately notice the weight difference. And that’s because the iPhone 12 Pro uses a much more premium stainless steel material over the 12 aluminum frame, which can lead to some extra weight.
Now it does feel excellent and premium. But this stainless steel frame is a fingerprint magnet. Maybe the other colors will hide these prints properly don’t know. But with the Pacific blue that I have here, it does not do a great job of hiding this mess.


Now the back glass on the regular iPhone 12 is glossy while on the iPhone 12 Pro, has more of a matte finish to with glass back which I do like a little bit more. The other significant difference you’ll notice right off the bat is the cameras or the lack of a third camera on the iPhone 12. Now we’ll get into all of that in just a minute.

Other than those exceptions, everything else is pretty much the same. The displays have all been upgraded to feature an O-led XDR display, which looks great.
The same notch, that houses the true depth camera system for face ID, etc. The screen on the Pro is a little bit brighter. But again, I’m not sure it’s something that you’ll even notice, let alone make or break a decision here. Internally, both phones are rocking the same, a 14 bionic chip.

But the iPhone 12 Pro does have six gigabytes of RAM compared

to the four gigabytes of RAM found on the iPhone 12.

Is this something that I’ve noticed in everyday use? Absolutely not.

In fact, I didn’t know this until I actually ran a Geekbench test, and it displays the lack of RAM on the iPhone 12.

For those who are curious, no, this did not have any impact on

Geekbench scores. They’re both performing benchmarks at pretty

much the same level, the 12 technically had higher scores than

the 12 Pro, but I really wouldn’t read into that too much daily

use should and will feel the same.

Now when it comes to internal storage, I could see this playing somewhat of a factor. The iPhone 12 starts at 799 for 64 gigabytes of base storage. If you want to get 128 gigs of storage, which is probably going to be the right amount of storage for most people, you’ll need to spend $850, which is an extra $50. The iPhone 12 Pro starts at 999 for 128 gigs of base storage. Now that’s still a pretty big difference of $150. And yeah, that’s a lot of money. So if you’re paying in full for a phone, I’d probably just stick with the iPhone 12 here, or at least I wouldn’t let storage dictate my choice.

Most people subsidize their devices and pay a monthly fee through their carriers or an apple. So the difference between getting the 12 with 128 gigs of storage, or the iPhone 12 Pro with the same amount of storage would roughly be a difference of around $6 give or take per month. And some carriers run a lot of promotions too. So this number could be even less. But either way, that extra $6 might seem more manageable to you, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t plan to keep your phone for full two years.

So just something to keep in mind when it comes to storage and what option you should pick. Last but not least, the biggest difference between these two phones is the cameras. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have the same exact setup, but the iPhone 12 Pro has an additional telephoto lens and the new LIDAR scanner.

So what does this all mean to the common consumer?
Well, it depends. Personally, I do not think losing a telephoto lens is that big of a deal. If you zoom in a lot to take pictures, then I guess it might be of some use to you. But most of the time, your iPhones wide-angle camera is probably going to be the one you’ll use since it has a much larger sensor than the telephoto camera. And they always say the best zoom or your feet. So if you can, I would physically get closer to the subject rather than relying on digital or optical zoom.

Now the LIDAR scanner does have more use cases aside from just improving AR capabilities, which it also does a great job at. We put out a very short video the other day, showcasing a new feature within the measure app, we’re using the LIDAR scanner, your iPhone 12 Pro can automatically measure a person’s height with that measure app and it seems to be relatively accurate. The LIDAR scanner also improves autofocus primarily during low light scenarios and provides users with the new night mode portrait feature. So the LIDAR scanner isn’t something to just display. Missing Say you’ll never use it. But we haven’t had one on an iPhone until right now.

If you’ve been happy with taking your portrait mode photos in the daytime or surrounded by a lot of light, you don’t need to take portrait photos at night, then you might not need to buy the iPhone 12 Pro, that’s just kind of the theme for me and these two devices, it will be interesting to see if I keep that same mentality when heading into the iPhone 12 Pro max because for the first time, there are camera differences between the smaller pro and the larger pro models. And not to mention the bigger display the bigger battery etc. Now, for me, if you don’t care at all about the fancy camera features, and you just want to know that whenever you point your iPhone and snap a picture, it’s going to look good.

The iPhone 12 is more than enough. But honestly, there’s probably

no real reason why you should have a 12 over a 12 Pro unless

you’re really into photography and you want that extra lens

and the LIDAR scanner.