M1 MacBook PRO vs Intel MacBook PRO

M1 MacBook PRO vs Intel MacBook PRO Comparison

M1 MacBook PRO vs Intel MacBook PRO
Comparison brand new apple M1 powered
MacBook Pro, and today we are going to
be comparing it versus the previous intel powered mac

take a look at the comparison of the macs from exterior

SSD speed,  CPU performance, GPU performance using 

geekbench 5, photo editing, video editing, and other tests.


let’s start by talking about the differences

on the exterior and they look basically

identical you can’t tell a difference

except for this one little key we have a little 

globe icon on there.

if we hit it we get an emoji pop-up
just like on an iPad or an iPhone
other than that they have the same touch
bars, touch id, the display is identical and both have
just two ports on the left-hand side the
apple silicon MacBook does support USB 4,
and both support Thunderbolt 3.

Now the keyboards are the same
magic keyboards they feel great the
trackpads are the same the webcams
are still 720p but there is new processing.

Apple M1 Mac Chip: Question’s Answered

SSD speed test

The first test we did is the SSD speed test
Apple said that the new SSD’s are much faster even
though they’re both 256 gigs and as we saw have
a difference. So looked like our write speed
is twice as fast and as far as the read speed
is 1.5 times faster with the new M1 powered MacBooks.

Uncompressing Xcode

Next performance test we are going to run

is uncompressing Xcode we did it with a huge

file with lots of little files and we all

hate on windows computers

having to wait for unzipping but macs have

always been faster.

So let’s check out this new one and it’s probably
more than twice as fast as the previous intel one
now the reason we testing it is because
we compressing Xcode from the intel
mac and it took about a half
an hour to compress which blew the mind.

M1 almost done uncompressing
and it took just over five minutes
that was five minutes and three seconds
we got ahead and recompress it just to see
how long that will take the m1 powered mac
took about 16-17 minutes to compress Xcode
and the intel one took about 30 minutes
maybe slightly longer.

So that is a big difference in performance
so that is almost twice as fast for uncompressing
and twice as fast for compressing so
some of you guys are going to save a lot of time.

 CPU performance using Geekbench-5

Let’s compare the M1 MacBook PRO vs Intel MacBook PRO
CPU performance using geekbench 5.

We have our results and we’ve
seen the results from the M1s
but this doesn’t get old as far as
the single-core score we went from 921
to 1726 and multi-core from 3954 to 7533
that is 87 percent faster in a single war performance.

so all the day-to-day small easy tasks
are going to be much more active
and as far as a multi-core score that is
90 percent faster so for heavy tasks,
photo editing, video editing, rendering
man that’s a huge difference and not
only that this MacBook pro the new one stayed
silent whereas the previous ones
we could hear the fans spinning up and
getting louder towards the end.

GPU performance using Geekbench-5

Let’s go ahead and test out the graphics in 

terms of performance between M1 MacBook PRO vs 

Intel MacBook PRO and we have seen

a massive difference the new M1 powered 

MacBook Pro is over three times faster in terms of

metal graphics performance now that is a massive difference.

so with graphics this powerful how does it do in terms of gaming is we will see in the next test.

GFX gaming benchmark

we have a GFX bench which is going to run a
gaming benchmark but of course these new
MacBook pros have one extra graphics core at
least with the base CPU and GPU combo.

So all right let’s move to our results
M1 MacBook PRO vs Intel MacBook PRO
and the intel MacBook pro got 21.6
frames per second compared to 77.75
in apple M1 so that is over three and a half times
better frame rate in terms of gaming
that is great. We also played some games the
experience was smooth and no lag’s during the games.

Now let’s move to some video and photo editing software
comparison between M1 MacBook PRO vs Intel MacBook PRO
cause as we know a lot of people use video and photo editing software.

Video editing using final cut

We had the latest version 10.5 installed
and the first test that we did is called the bruce x
this is going to see how well these
laptops both the CPU and the GPUs
can render things like graphics, color
corrections, transitions, effects all of those things.

We had background rendering turned off and we
hit start and the apple silicon was already at 50 percent
compared to 15 percent on the intel base MacBook.

We have a pretty big difference so intel MacBook pro
using the latest software and latest final cut took
one minute and seven seconds so 67 seconds
whereas the new apple silicon MacBook
pro took just 22 seconds that is just over three times
faster graphics rendering performance and we guess the apple
said 2.9 times faster so they somewhat underestimated it and this is
important because when you’re video editing just cutting through the footage is one thing but once you start adding color corrections
you starting adding luts effects titles all that stuff that is where the previous intel based MacBook pro slowed down.

4K video editing

We did another test with some actual 4k footage and
see how that compares. we used 4k footage from
sony cameras footage that a lot of people edit.
On intel mac, we dropped a lot of frames
our graphics card was completely maxed
out and our new m1 powered mac was
smooth as butter, not a single drop
the frame we were using 74 percent of the
graphics only 33 of the CPU no issues whatsoever.

Next, we export this five-minute project
and see what kind of difference we get
on an intel mac, we got 12 minutes and 57 seconds
and apple silicon MacBook took three minutes in 19
seconds that is 3.9 times faster massive difference.

Battery life

Apple silicon not only is much faster it’s a lot more
Intel mac had 19% battery and our m1 powered mac
has 50% We’ve been running all these tests we’ve
been running even more tests and downloads,
and installs on this it’s at 50% compared to intel at 19%.

Lightroom classic photo editing test

lightroom classic we tested it but one thing
to note is that this is not an arm optimized app
we’re using Rosetta to run this this
is an intel based app.
so let’s see what performance we got
while we’re waiting for adobe
to optimize these.

We used some basic setting like exposure slider,
brush tool and others both were almost the same
but at some points, M1 was a bit quick compare
to intel mac.
we also exported 50images of 42-megapixel here’s
the result the intel base mac took four minutes and
eight seconds to export 50 of these images the m1 apple silicon powered MacBook pro took two minutes and 53 seconds
that is 43 faster huge improvement but keep this in mind
lightroom classic right now is not running normally
it’s not optimized it’s running as an intel app with rosetta.


Of course, the performance is awesome in the
apple silicon optimized applications on top of that
for the applications that haven’t even
been updated yet it still was way faster it is just incredible.
It’s quieter and no fans sound and we have seen the
performance on all the tests above it is a good performer.