Mental health

Mental Health in 2021

It is quite evident that the year 2020 was a very challenging year for everyone in terms of emotional and mental well-being.

Loneliness is at its peak for many of us owing to
the ongoing uncertainties, lockdown, quarantine,
and social distancing. Mental health is the silent pandemic
that is happening right now with all of us around the world.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to various psychological
issues in humans such as anxiety, addiction, depression,
and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
However, the pandemic has taught us that instead of
chasing for temporary relief and escaping from symptoms,
we must look at the root cause and redesign our lives for
a better future.

Mental and physical health are interconnected to each other,
which means that while we focus on our physical health on
regular basis, it is also important for us to focus on mental health
as a part of a healthy routine.

Mental exercises such as meditation should be included in
our daily life to become resilient for whatever comes our
way in the future.

People have realized that no one should face tough times
alone and have started to see that proactive emotional
wellness is the key.

We can heal our mental health by paying attention to
what and how we eat. Eating nutritious food is the easiest
way to improve mental health and to feel emotionally strong.

Moreover, there has been a drastic growth in online therapy sessions, meditation apps, and therapy matchmaking sessions.
The coming year would bring such new concepts into reality
to make mental health healing easier and convenient.

Here are a few tips which might help you improve your mental health:

Shift your focus from coronavirus to yourself

The pandemic has taught us to stay active, eat right, and spend quality time with our loved ones and this year must be about the same. Instead of panicking about COVID-19, you should pay attention to your well-being.


You can join the community or a group to share your issues and thoughts freely. Be part of a group where you feel good and
can be true to yourself.
By doing so, you will be able to keep yourself happy and create
a positive approach to life.

Be outdoors

Today we are surrounded by numerous electronic gadgets that affect our mental health to some extent. We must spend more time in nature and limit our screen time. You can go for a trek or just a walk whilst maintain social distance and wearing a mask.

Pick a hobbies

By doing what we like and enjoy makes us happy and releases stress. You can do whatever you like from cooking to singing to gardening, the sole purpose is to keep yourself relaxed. It releases happy hormones from your body called dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

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