New guidlines dec 1

New COVID-19 Guidelines For States From December 1

The Ministry of Home Affairs has come up with
a new set of guidelines. The government has said
that to fully overcome the pandemic,
there is a need to maintain caution and strictly follow
the prescribed containment strategy.

The Home Ministry has released new guidelines 

These are the guidelines for surveillance and containment and for
caution. To discipline Indians as to for the COVID.
Because in the last few days we have seen so much
overcrowding due to the festival, there was so much
overpopulation in the market, also in religious places.
Now, this guideline specifically mentions that you
need to consolidate the valuable gains achieved against

the spread of covid 19. You need to build on them you just can’t let the
graph declined further.

The local district police and the municipal authorities
shall be responsible to ensure that the directed
containment measures are strictly followed and
the state’s duty government shall ensure the
accountability of officers to be concerned in this
regard. Only essential activities would be allowed
in containment zones that were earlier also they
shall be strict perimeter controls to ensure that
there is no movement of people in and out of these zones,
what is also essential, what has been mentioned that
the quick isolation of COVID-19 patients shall be
ensured in treatment facilities only we were seeing
people were you know, taking shelter in-room isolations
only, and their contacts were not being checked.

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Now, this guideline says the listing of contact shall be
carried out in respect of all persons found positive along
with their tracking identifications, quarantine, and
follow-up of contacts for 14 days 80% of the contact
to be traced in 72 hours. So these are the strict guidelines,
which the Home Ministry has come forward with,
they say the SRP shall be strictly enforced by
the authorities concerned who shall be responsible
for the strict observance. So this is for, to regulate
crowds and for disciplining the crowds in days to
come or for month-long guidelines.

How is the government planning to enforce these covid etiquettes of wearing masks and social distancing?

They have already you know given a pass to your local
authorities your local officers shall be responsible
as if people are following rules and regulations or not.

What is not allowed comparing an earlier unlock??

This time also international air travel of passengers 

is not allowed however, only allowed what the whole ministry 

has allowed, Similarly, Cinema halls and theaters with up to 50% 

capacity is allowed, and swimming pools only for training 

sportspersons are allowed, similarly, an exhibition only for business 

purposes are allowed, and in addition, social and religious sports entertainment educational gatherings with up to a 

maximum of 50% of all capacity, but the ceiling 

of 200 people is allowed.  

In other words, they have given what all are allowed and what all are not allowed in these new guidelines, which the whole ministry has released regarding the exercise of caution and regulating crowds. 

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What’s Home Ministry has estimated of how serious the crisis is?

The crisis is very serious because in days to come
and especially in the northern regions, the temperature
is going to dip people are going to stay more indoors.
Moreover, in northern areas, you know the pollution
is a contributing factor. Yesterday, you heard the
daily Chief Minister told the Prime Minister about
you know, how the neighboring states of Delhi
should coordinate with each other for the
pollution level in Delhi and NCR region should
so it’s beneficial, approach that
the center is now taking forward.

But the pollution is one of the contributing factors
and the temperature is also and the festivals,
the last couple of days, India had seen so many
festivals and due to these festivals, there was so
much of overcrowding in markets and also people
met each other and the containment strategy,
the people who are not been adhering to the
containment strategies also social distancing, mask.
Delhi government raised the fine as far as Delhi is
concerned to up to 2000.

Who declares it as a containment zone?

As far as the surveillance of the containment zone is
concerned, it is defined by the district authorities
at the micro-level taking into consideration the guidelines
which have been issued by the Ministry of Health, the list of concerns containment zones have been notified by various
local authorities and within this demarcated containment
zones, containment measures have been put in place.

What’s allowed what’s not allowed in the containment zone?

What all other containment measures are only essential
activities shall be allowed in the containment zone, there
shall be strict perimeter control to ensure that there is
no movement of people in and out of this containment
doors except for medical emergency and for maintaining
a supply of essential goods and services, there shall also be intensive house to house surveillance by surveillance.

The house to house survey is already going on to
see what is the spread of the virus. So, now, it will
be done in all the containment zones testing shall
be carried out as far as the prescribed protocol also
the listing of contacts This is very, very important,
listing of contact shall be carried out in respect of
all persons found positive along with their tracking
identification for in time and follow up or contact for 14 days.
after that, 80% percent of the contacts to be traced within
72 hours, you know people when they were in the home
isolation, even that respect the patient if he was isolated,
his contacts are not being tested.

Above all, Apart from this the guidelines also say quick isolation of COVID-19 patients shall be in short and treatment facilities who are subject to the fulfillment of home isolation guidelines. That means there should be a separate room, there should be a separate toilet, whatever the Ministry of Family Health and Family Welfare has already narrated through it.