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PUBG India Diwali Dhamaka PUBG Is Coming Back!!

PUBG India: There is a story coming up that PUBG will make its

come back in India this Diwali.

It will be coming soon and with the Diwali Dhamaka

as per the reports and stories.

The Indian government banned Pubg mobile
in early September, Which came as a shock to
a large number of users and the gaming community.
Pubg banned due to the app was a threat to some
serious security and data privacy concerns.

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The ban was announced with 117 more apps including Pubg,
Pubg lite. The app faced bans in the past also, but not nationally.

The administration stated in the statement that
there are some severe security and information,
data privacy concern as its servers is based in China after the ban.

PUBG Corporation announced that PUBG Mobile will not be managed by Tencent Games. The South Korean-company will get the complete management of the subsidiaries in India. This could direct to the PUBG Mobile unbanned in India soon But that didn’t happen.

However, You can play PUBG in India on a computer desktop or laptop. But, can’t play it on the mobile phone.

There were also stories that Pubg corporation
looking for an Indian partner. Pubg was intending to
tie-up with an Indian company to sustain its presence
in the country and is planning to make a comeback
in India and in talking with jio and airtel regarding
bringing Pubg back for its Indian users.

PUBG Corporation will have the publishing licenses of the game whereas this possible partner will be managing the distribution of PUBG.

Now according to the latest stories, Pubg is
planing its comeback near Diwali for its Indian user,
and the server will set up in India only.

It was the main concern of the government regarding
the data and privacy of the users now that the servers
are bases in India that problem seems to be solved.

Pubg is in talks with Indian gamers and streamers and
given hints of the comeback. A lot of them share
the news, giving signs of the comeback on social media.

Indian Government on PUBG Corporation

“Control Of The Game Is Only One Of The Matters. But There Are Certain Additional Concerns, Based Upon Which The Ban Has Been Placed. The Concerns Are Connected To Information, Privacy, Security, Activity Inside The Phone Said By The Government Officials