WhatsApp New features expected to launch in 2021

Various WhatsApp features have turned out from
the beginning of the month, and there are more
major to watch. In recent weeks WhatsApp has
continued operating on some of the freshest features.
Few of those features are shortly in development,
while others are reportedly remaining examined in
beta form (which indicates their rollout is not very far away).

Lately, WhatsApp continued detected testing Instagram Reels combination on the platform.

We’ve gathered a list of WhatsApp
that exist in the production and are expected to roll out
in the following few moons. The new WhatsApp features are
supposed to improve the messaging activity and include some
new usage facts for the app.

Multi-device support feature

WhatsApp New features

This is the extremely awaited WhatsApp feature.
The multi-device supporter will enable users to log in
to WhatsApp to various devices together. The feature
is in the improvement and has continued detected in
the beta variant multiple times. However, WhatsApp just
carries 2 devices at a time, particularly a phone and a
Laptop/desktop. The latest multi-device support will
enable users to attach up to 4 devices to a single account.
This suggests that once the feature goes worked out, you
will be capable to log in from your iPad and iPhone at
the very time, accompanying the desktop.

WhatsApp Logout feature

WhatsApp-logout will reinstate that ‘Delete Account’ button
and promote the forthcoming multi-device feature.
A report, which holds a record of WhatsApp updates,
the app will certainly be brought in as a logout alternative
for its users. The choice will enable users to log out of
WhatsApp accounts of their devices, just like Facebook
and different social apps. The feature lately found on the
latest beta version of WhatsApp and is supposed to roll out
to both iOS and Android variants of the app quickly.
The WhatsApp logout feature is expected to allow people
on the app to manage their accounts on multiple devices similarly.

Instagram Reels as WhatsApp features

WhatsApp to make Instagram Reels segment moving ahead. 

The feature will reportedly enable users to view Instagram Reels 

straight from the messaging app. This can be a frame of 

WhatsApp’s combination plan with different Facebook-owned applications.

To those uninformed, Instagram Reels is this small video piece, which was attached to this picture-sharing app last year following the government forbade TikTok.

WhatsApp audio message speed and disappearing images

WhatsApp is additionally going on a unique audio message feature.
The feature is supposed to enable users to check the pace at which
this audio message sounds or plays. In extension to the 1x speed,
users will be ready to execute the audio files at 1.5x or 2x rates,
through a report by WABetaInfo.

The disappearing images feature, it’s supposed to be related
to WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages in the insight that
they will be automatically erased from the chat later.

The WhatsApp self-destructing photo feature is currently
in production and is possible to roll out on both Android
and iOS versions of WhatsApp via a forthcoming update.

Read later

‘Read later’ is supposed to be an updated variant of the present
Archived Chats feature on WhatsApp. If a chat is transferred to
read later, WhatsApp won’t give notifications for the chat.
Additionally, the feature will hold a ‘vacation mode’, which can
assure that these ‘read later’ chats work the identical means
as archived chats on the current firm version. Read later will
likewise begin with an editing key for users to customize settings.

WhatsApp users will also be capable to choose various chats at once to immediately unarchive them.

Join missed group calls

A forthcoming update will enable WhatsApp users to connect group calls that they have been requested to after the call has begun.

It is an insignificant, but meaningful QoL (quality of life) update as a whole group call doesn’t require starting again to add new members who may have dropped it first.

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